Thursday, 26 June 2014

Hairstyles for your unwashed locks!

We know that washing hair can be a quite a chore, and sometimes there is just no time! While we love having clean hair, washing hair every day can be malnurishing for your locks, and when it comes to holding a hairstyle – sometimes having unwashed hair is better!
Here are 5 fast looks that work perfectly on day-old locks!

Messy Ponytail

Gently pulling hair back from the face will reduce any oil visibility 
Add some definition by curling random sections of your hair, Decide whether you want high, low or side ponytail – then gather your hair together and secure it with a hair tie. Make sure it looks messy and effortless (don’t pull the hair to tight and sleek, or it will look greasy!).
You can add a volumising spray for some extra texture, and you can also take a small section from the bottom of your pony tail, wrap it around the hair tie and secure it with a clip – this will create a more polished look.

Natural beach waves

Use your unwashed strands to your advantage as they hold curls longer than squeaky-clean locks.
Apply a dry shampoo to absorb residual oil from your scalp – massage it into your scalp and then use a blow-dryer on your roots to add extra volume. Use a curling iron to create natural waves around your hair – and once you are finished, tousle your hair at the roots to blend the sections.
You can use your fingers to comb through the curls to loosen them if they are too tight and perfect. It’s a super easy look to play with!

Touch up your blow-dry

Hair always looks like perfection when we leave the hairdressers - Revive your limp strands without adding any product!
Flat hair accumulates more oil than volumised hair – so if you are paying a visit to your hairdresser, ask them to add a lot of volume! Use a dry shampoo to absorb oil from your roots, and then use a flat iron or curler on sections of your hair that may look limp – don’t go for super straight strands, but rather try to emphasize the style that was already created for you and then finish with a light hold hairspray.

Simple braid

Add texture while hiding the grease!
Absorb any excess oil with dry shampoo, gather the hair into one side and make a simple braid. Put the braid over your shoulder and secure the back with bobby pins to keep it in place. Then add a hairspray to tame fly aways!

Tousled bun

An easy way to hide your part line, and the obvious oil on the roots!

Dry shampoo is perfect to absorb the oil, get some texture by adding some random curls into your hair (or you can even create a small braid on the side of your head) and then gather the hair and twist it into a messy bun. Secure the look with bobby pins and you are ready to go!

Yours in beautiful hair xx

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Washing hair with lukewarm water!

I know we all love super hot showers (especially in this cold, winter weather!) however water temperature can affect your hairs appearance and health.

Cold water:

Although you may be using the best shampoo, rinsing with cold water will not give your hair a proper clean and will leave a residue on your scalp, therefore resulting in a greasy appearance and will require more frequent washing.

Hot water:

Rinsing with water that is too hot, will draw the moisture out of your hair and will result in your scalp and hair drying out and losing shine, it could also make your hair feel brittle and thin.

Lukewarm water is absolutely perfect for hair washing, and is optimal for obtaining luscious hair shine! Not only will it maintain the moisture in your hair, it will also ensure that you hair is cleaned properly. We all know how essential using good quality hair products are, but lukewarm water will optimize the overall affect from your products!

Yours in beautiful hair xx

Monday, 5 May 2014

Hair Biology & Nutrition!

It is all simple and easy to give you all the tips and tricks to beautiful, healthy hair. However it is just as important to understand the structure of your hair and how all these tips work! Although learning about hair biology may seem boring – it will give you the information you need to make the right choices for your hair and will explain the reasons about why your hair may not be in the condition that you dream of.

Biology of hair:

Hair is made of protein called keratin. The outer layer of your hair shaft is formed of cuticles, which create a scale-like surface on the hair. These are all smoothed down in one direction, facing the edge of the hair shaft. When hair is teased or back-combed, the cuticles are lifted up and pushed in the opposite direction (giving hair a volumised appearance), however the cuticles will never return to their flat arrangement and instead over time will continue to lift and will break - especially with excessive use of heat tools. The layer underneath the cuticles is the core of the hair, the cortex. The cortex contains protein bundles which give your hair strength, and when the cortex is damaged, the hair will break.

This is why it is essential to ensure that your hair is not damaged. Once your cortex is damaged, you will experience hair breakage, which quite often explains why many people are unable to grow their hair.

Hair follicles are the living tissues beneath your scalp that make hair. It is essential that you are feeding your body appropriate vitamins in order to ensure that your hair can thrive during growth.
While hair products can be used to make your hair look and feel healthy, vitamins and minerals should not be overlooked and are very beneficial to your long-term hair health.

Vitamins, Minerals and Antioxidant

Biotin (Vitamin B7) helps hair grow faster, thicker and stronger, while helping to metabolize amino acids which are essentially for keratin production. Biotin is viewed as one of the best vitamins for hair growth.

Vitamin B5 (Panothenic acid) works with Biotin to give your hair beautiful shine! It also works with Vitamin B9 (folic acid) to promote fuller and thicker hair growth. A lack of these vitamins could result in weakened, thinning or graying hair!

Vitamins A, C and E help to protect hair from environmental factors that may be damaging and aid in the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the hair follicles.

Minerals are just as important in maintaining healthy hair growth. Iodine and Zinc work with Vitamin A to balance the scalps natural oils and prevent drying and irritation. Silica is used to strengthen hair, making it less prone to breakage while sulfur works to build the protein structure of hair with amino acids.

It is important to remember that your physical appearance is reflected on what is inside. If you eat nutrient-filled food, your hair quality will improve!

Yours in beautiful hair xx

Monday, 28 April 2014

Growing your damaged hair!

One of the most common things we hear within the hair industry is about, damaged hair that won’t grow! Although many think these problems may be due to genetics, there are many other factors that can influence how your hair behaves!

We have compiled a few explanations for your dry, damaged hair and some tips to help improve your hair condition.

Too rough on your locks:

Towel drying your hair and detangling can be quite a chore – especially for those with curly hair! Make sure you gently squeeze water out of your hair with a towel rather than rubbing your towel around your head! When detangling, it is best to do when your hair is damp. Use a comb or brush to gently detangle your knots – make sure you’re not ripping at your hair.

Know your hair type:

Knowing your hair type will have a huge influence on its condition. If you know your hair type, you will be able to use specific products for your unique hair type. Using the wrong products is a huge cause of damaged hair – and quite often many people never think that their products could have negative effects.

Doing too much:

Although many think that ‘the more, the merrier’, however in some cases – simple is better! Try cut down on some products that you are using and cut down how much time is spent on your hair. It is a small change that will create a huge difference.


This is one of the most important points! We all know how important is for the body- including your hair! Drinking water will keep your hair moisturized and will prevent drying and brittle ends. It is also the perfect way to decrease frizz and breakage.

For those of you doing everything you can to try and grow your hair, follow these simple tips!

  • Be gentle on your hair. When combing and brushing, be soft so that there is no hair breakage and your ends don’t get damaged. If you are rough on your hair, there will be a lot of breakage which in turn will make your hair look shorter and thinner.

  • Your hair may be too dry – Keeping your hair hydrated will minimize breakage. Use moisturizing products (especially water-based products).

  • Seal your ends: It is important to retain the moisture that has been applied to your hair – especially on your ends! Using an oil is the perfect way to seal your ends and give them the TLC they deserve in order to prevent breakage or split ends.

  • Protect your hair: Ensure that with all heat styling you use a heat protectant or hair oil so that you don’t fry your hair. Also, try to cut down the amount of heat that is used on your hair! The less your hair is styled with heating tools, the better the condition will be! Try using different styles that don’t require heating!

Yours in beautiful hair xx

Monday, 31 March 2014

bhave is sulfate-free!

As consumers have began an approach to a healthier lifestyle, so began all the research of what is in the products that we use to wash our hair! Instead of achieving the healthy and strong hair you’ve always wanted, your shampoo could be doing more damage!

Sulfates (the most commom is sodium lauryl sulfate) are the chemical detergents within shampoos, toothpaste, cleaning products and many other products that break down grease and are used to form a soapy lather. Yes, all the foamy bubbles that appears while washing your hair is formed from sulfates! Although we all love the feeling of a fully lathered head, it is not actually necessary in order to clean your hair.

Unfortunately, with this lather comes a price! As sulfates are quite harsh, they have the ability to strip down hair and cause dryness. It is also known for causing skin irritations, eye irritations and can damage the hair follicles, causing hair loss and hair thinning, while slowing hair growth!
Sulfates also damage coloured hair and can cause frizziness (especially in hair that is curly!)

We don’t know about you, but we would much rather have healthy hair rather than a soapy lather!

This is where we fit in!

All bhave products are sulfate-free (and free of parabens and sodium chloride), and will therefore not damage your hair. Instead you will be left with the beautiful, healthy hair you dream of!

All of our products are made with love to ensure that you receive the best results. Our aftercare products are also perfect to use after having a bhave smoothing treatment in order to maintain the longevity, and give you the best results! All of our products also contain Replicine™ Functional Keratin® which binds to damaged hair where it rebuilds the internal structure of the hair while restoring strength, elasticity and shine!

If you are looking for sulfate-free products, it will be clearly advertised on the product packaging. Make sure you check the ingredients on the product bottles in order to ensure that you know what chemicals are in the products that you are buying!

Yours in beautiful hair xx

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Save your Bad Hair Day!

We all have those days where our hair refuses to co-operate with any styling, or effort we put into having a beautiful look. Bad hair days are inevitable- and we have all experienced them! Here are a few quick tips and tricks to say goodbye to bad hair days and to ensure that your hair is always looking fabulous!

De-frizz, add shine & remove static and fly-aways!

We all know how bad frizzy hair can be, especially when you’re having a bad hair day! Apply an argan oil- the bhave Riot Control Oil is perfect to reduce frizz, add shine to dull hair and also neutralize static – especially on bangs that are sticking straight up! Hair spray is also the perfect tool for smoothing flyaways – make sure you spray a small amount onto a comb and softly comb through to push those flyaways down!


Dry shampoo is like an instant root lifter and shower in one. On those days when you’re running late and haven’t had a chance to wash your hair, dry shampoo will be your best friend! Spray it on your roots to absorb excess oils and odours, and then comb through and style as usual.

Evict the dead ends

It is so important to keep up with your salon appointments, even if it is for a small trim! Trimming your dead ends on a regular basis will keep your look refreshed, and you won’t have to worry about your ends making the rest of your hair look bad. Trimming will also stop hair breakage and will help your hair grow!

There’s nothing wrong with an updo

If you think there is absolutely nothing you can do to make your hair look better, than it is always good to tame your hair with an updo! A simple messy bun, sleep ponytail or braided hairstyle can make a huge difference and can instantly give a chic, fun look! No one will know about your bad hair day!

Change it up

If you’re not happy with your style, then change it up! Trying changing your part to the opposite side or even to a middle part will give yourself a different look. It’s the perfect way to add volume as well which is a definite bonus!

Let it grow

In many cases shorter hair is not as easy to deal with as longer hair! Sometimes it may be beneficial to grow your hair slightly, it can reduce worry about kinks and flicks in the hair and can reduce out of control bed-head!

Plan ahead

If you know you need to look presentable, then plan ahead the day before! Wash and style your hair the night before so that you’ll only need minimal touch-ups in the morning!

Yours in beautiful hair xx

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Oscars 2014! Recreate the gorgeous styles

There is nothing we love more than the red carpet! Viewing all the gorgeous looks, and hairstyles are simply amazing. At the Oscars 2014 red carpet there were so many beautiful gowns and stunning hairstyles, so here are a few of our favourites! We love these styles so much that we thought we would share how to recreate these styles at home!

Cate Blanchett:
How divine did Cate Blanchett look on the Oscars red carpet? Glowing in a gorgeous Armani dress with effortless, classic vintage waves – it made her hair the crowning glory of this look!

To recreate these gorgeous waves:
Apply bhave riot control oil to freshly washed hair (Enriched with a thermal protector to limit damage when using heat styling tools).  Separate the hair in sections and starting from the back use tongs or a curling wand to tease the hair into lose curls. Ensure you wrap the hair around the barrel away from the face and the same way for every curl to create a smooth, continuous wave. Complete your red carpet look with a hairspray to hold the style in place!

Jennifer Lawrence:
Always rocking her gorgeous pixie cut! Jennifer Lawrence styled her short crop in a high-volume, windswept style – a soft slicked back look to tie her red carpet look together with her gorgeous Dior gown!

Kate Hudson:
We were all blown away when Kate Hudson stepped onto the red carpet. It seems as though she can do no wrong on the red carpet this season as she debuted a stunning Versace gown, along with her classic, retro side waves! Her hair was a beautiful modern take on a classic 1940’s style!

To recreate this style:
Apply the bhave riot control oil to freshly washed hair in order to seal and protect the hair from moisture and frizz, while also adding heat protection. Add in a strong side part to give a glamourous feel to the look and then using a curling iron, curls the ends of the hair and brush through the curls to create a soft finish. Finish it off by applying the bhavefresh ends to seal the ends and give the hair silky, beautiful shine!

Sandra Bullock:
Sandra Bullock knows exactly what a Hollywood A-lister should wear to the Oscars. She is perfection! She looked so elegant in a navy Alexander McQueen gown, while opting for a waved Old-Hollywood hair style. Her hair was pulled to one side with cascading curls with beautiful shine! Not only did she look perfect, she also portrayed a beautiful timeless look – especially for a red carpet occasion. Sandra’s dark hair colour was intense and eye catching, her glossy locks completed her whole look and her side-swept style was perfect for showcasing her d├ęcolletage and dress!

To recreate this look at home:
Start with clean, dry hair. Using heat rollers set the hair in curls with a strong side parting and leave it for as long as possible to allow the hair to set. If you don’t have rollers, use tongs or a curling wand to create curls, and part the hair to one side! Gently brush out all the curls, and smooth out the top to create a sleek look.

Margot Robbie:
Margot Robbie certainly knew how to make a statement on the red carpet! Debuted gorgeous brunette locks, styles in a light bouncy curl. This is definitely not a look we have seen on her before – but she looked fabulous! We absolutely love her hair colour change!

Jenna Dewan-Tatum:
Jenna Dewan-Tatum had a complimenting, elegant updo. A soft, romantic look that was so simple yet so beautiful! Jenna looked absolutely stunning on the red carpet, and her hair was perfect!

To recreate this look:
When the hair is wet, apply the bhave riot control oil to protect wet strands from breakage, frizz and fly-aways while protecting against hot tools – then rough try the hair in order to bring out its natural texture.
Curl sections of the hair with a curling wand, and pull down on the hair to soften the wave as each section is dropped. After the hair has cooled down and set, lightly twist the hair just above the ear and pin it back until just before hitting the nape. Take the remaining hair and loosely braid it, wrap it into a low knot/bun and secure it with bobby pins. Finish the look off with a light hold hairspray.

Maria Menounos:
Not only did Maria look stunning, she also dazzled on the red carpet with her gorgeous brunette hair and a classic look that will never go out of fashion! Her hair was absolutely magnificent with a plaited, messy curled updo that looked soft and effortless!

To recreate this look:
Part your hair as you normally would and curl your hair with tongs to create loose tousled waves. Create two messy plaits down the front, on either side of your part and then as you move down take in additional strands of hair and finish the plait at the nape of your neck. Using bobby pins, secure the plaits and create a textured bun. Then to create an “undone” or effortless look, pull a few strands out of the plaits.

We were absolutely loving the styles on the Oscars 2014 red carpet! Who was your best dressed?

Yours in beautiful hair xx